palm chest percussion cup chest physical therapy cup premium silicone break up mucus percussion treatment for expectoration problem and long term bed rest basic nursing work 2


About this item

  • 【Feel The Effect】: This Little Gadget is SO MUCH EASIER than Cupping Your Hand, It adopts Innovative Design to Change The Shortcomings of Hand Pain, Which Greatly Improves The Patient’s Comfort and Effect, Quickly Shoot Sputum and Warm the Family.
  • 【Customer Experience】: Exactly what I was looking for.My daughter is special needs and has a hard time coughing and clearing her lungs for which we have had to perform CPT on her to help her clear her lungs.
  • 【How To Work】: With the Hand action Repeated Tapping The Back of the Sealed Cup and Air to form the Vibration of the Drum Pressure Effect, and The Formation of Deep Muscle Vibration, To Achieve Blood Meridian, Vibration Sputum Effect.
  • 【Materical】: Healifty Tambour Pression Silicone, No fluorescent agent, No deformation, High elasticity, Uniform force, Safe and Comfortable.
  • 【Application】: Stroke Hemiplegia Patients, Long-term Bedridden Patients, The Inability to Expectoration, Copd, Muscle Pain Crowd, Lung Crackles issue, Loosen up the Chest Congestion.
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