Personal Handheld Body Massagers I Your Personal Masseuse at Hand

Personal Handheld Body Massagers

In this article we will discuss personal handheld body massagers. Body massage has been proved to provide various benefits to the body such as relieving different kinds of body pain, lowering stiffness in muscles, and reducing migraine headaches. In addition it offers relief and comfort from stress and makes your body alert and flexible. However, the traditional massage by hands can be costly, time-consuming, and most of the time unavailable. Therefore, you can make use of a handheld body massager conveniently at your home.

What are personal handheld body massagers?

A handheld percussive massager is generally held over the body surface for relief. When turned on, the massager delivers the vibrations to the deep tissues and muscles. These vibrations work on the muscles and make them relaxed. Moreover, a handheld massager is a portable, lightweight, and small-sized massaging device that you can use yourself to relieve stress and pain in different body parts.

Cordless Personal Wand Electric Massager

Cordless Personal Wand Electric Massager    Pic Credit: Amazon

A handheld massager is extremely effective and you can perform the massage for 5 to 10 minutes or even more by yourself while watching TV or sitting on your couch at your home. You can choose the comfort level and massage intensity as per your choice as it allows you to control all the settings.

Types of personal handheld body massagers

Different types of handheld massagers come with various massaging techniques. Many of these massagers available in the market have the below-mentioned massage techniques:

Tapping Massage

Handheld massagers with tapping massage technique mimic the striking and pounding actions of fists by a professional. This massager type help enhance the flow of blood to the targeted area. Moreover, handheld massagers with tapping massage raise the muscle’s temperature to recover the elasticity.

Percussion Massage

Percussion massage technique provides the feel of expert massage therapy where rapid movements will be experienced like the one performed by the wrist of the masseur to relax tensed muscles. This kind of massage will help enhance the flow of blood to the area and improve muscles and skin reflexes.

Kneading Massage

The kneading massage technique offers a firm pressing feeling with the palm and fingers. This type of handheld massager offers you relief from muscle soreness. Moreover, it will help heal the pain in muscles and improve the muscles’ flexibility.

How personal handheld body massagers work?

Handheld massagers send vibrations to the body to make the muscle tissues warm and enhance the flow of blood to the targeted area. You can consider a handheld massager a mini hammer that repeatedly works on soft tissues and improve blood circulation. A slight pressure can lower the muscle tightness that results in the elongation of muscle fibers.

Such massagers when properly used are effective and safe at providing rapid relief to the stressed area of the body such as shoulders, lower back, feet, etc. Handheld massagers are also helpful in warming up muscles before the activity or cooling them down.

Benefits of personal handheld body massagers

Soothe the painful muscles

Many handheld body massagers have different kinds of attachments for various parts of the body like the shoulders, back, and neck. With the massager, you can relieve pain and relax your body from stress and rejuvenate your body.

Detoxify the body

The massage with a handheld massager eliminates the tension from your muscles and cleanses your tissues of accumulated toxins.In addition it will help your body tissues heal faster after injury. Your immunity will also get stronger after getting rid of toxins from your body.

personal handheld body massagers

personal handheld body massagers.   Pic Credit: Amazon

Improves the circulation

The blood circulation is improved by massage therapy. Good blood circulation is important to maintain the body systems. In addition to that body muscles need appropriate oxygenated blood to support the regeneration of stained and damaged tissues that are causing pains and aches.

Improved skin condition

Due to improved circulation of blood, massage can also make your skin glowing and more toned. Massaging regularly results in enhanced collagen production in the body that leads to fewer wrinkles and enhanced elasticity offering you a more youthful look.

Reduce the stress

Soon after getting the massage, you will notice stress reduction. It is because when your body muscles will relax, your mind will also feel relaxation and comfort. There is a simple logic when the body is occupied with tensed muscles, it will not only leads to aches and pain but also boost anxiety and other conditions. The release of tension in muscles will refresh your mind and help you have a deep sleep.

Relief from pain

One of the main reasons for muscle pain is inflammation and tension. A regular massage can support you to keep your joints limber and tissues healthy. When you experience pain, it gives rise to tension and stress in muscles. A handheld massager helps relieve pain and lets you go back to normal life.

Massage option with Personal handheld body massagers

It is quite clear that anyone can use a handheld body massager to massage any body part. Similarly, you can focus on the body part where you are feeling stress or soreness. Given below are the areas that you can massage using a personal handheld body massager:

Personal handheld body massagers

Personal handheld body massagers.  Pic Credit: Amazon

Handheld massager for feet

Foot massage is necessary to relax after a long hectic day on your feet. Importantly, you can use a handheld massager to massage your soles, heels, toes, and ankle of your feet to get relief. Handheld massagers are effective machines and worth the investment.

Personal handheld body massagers for Leg massage

For leg massage, the main areas to focus on are thighs, calves, and butt areas. With lots of moving and walking the whole day, it is obvious that our leg muscles are often stiff and sore. A good handheld massager that concentrates on legs can be a great way to go.

Handheld massager for Back and Shoulders

The back and shoulders are the important areas to focus on when it comes to massage. After sitting the whole day in front of the screen, it is easy for all of us to suffer from back and shoulder pain. A handheld massager can work to provide you relief from shoulder and back pain.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, there are many different personal handheld body massagers available in the market that can be found at an affordable price. You should do a little bit of research before buying your own personal handheld body massager. Just to ensure you purchase one that is right for you and meets all your needs!

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  1. I personally use a handheld massager but with less features than this I presume. It’s a very good innovation with no dependency and also at a reasonable cost.

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