What is a Thumper Massager? Learn About the Amazing Percussive Massager Taking the USA by Storm in 2023

What is a Thumper Massager? Learn About the Amazing Percussive Massager Taking the USA by Storm in 2023

Many people ask this question What is a Thumper Massager? We know that a good massage helps us feel better but it is difficult for many people to get a massage daily due to lack of time or money. The best alternative is to use a percussive massage device. A percussive massager is great for use at home as well as a superb device for healthcare experts as it offers many wonderful health benefits.


Thumper Massager



These are powerful handheld devices with a percussive massage technique that sends energy deep into the muscles to relieve tension from all the layers of fascia. Each thumper massager penetrates 1/4 inches deep into muscle tissues, 28 times per second.

Thumper massagers have been in the market since 1974. The manufacturers have been consistently creating new and latest massager intending to help people relax and feel balanced. The thumper massager is designed and made in Canada. Most of the Thumper massagers are handheld and small in size.


How does thumper massager work?

Thumper massagers work on percussive massage technology. When a thumper massager moves on the body it provides comfortable and relaxing pulsations that go deep down the muscle layers. Thumpers massagers, unlike other massagers, do not vibrate instead they percuss.

Such massagers don’t vibrate your whole body; they only work on the targeted area to massage them. Within the head of the thumper massager, the energy is appropriately balances so it doesn’t vibrate the handle and your hand. The thumper massager breach penetrates the muscles to target the trigger points.

These massagers are ideal for all groups of muscles due to their adjustable speed settings and special massage spheres. They are also perfect for warming the muscles, improving the flow of blood to the targeted area, and relieving fatigue and muscle tension. Avoid using thumper massagers on the neck or head.


Benefits of thumper massager

There are numerous benefits of thumper massagers including:

  1. Thumpers massagers are percussive

They provide comfortable, relaxing, and steady pulsations that go down all the layers of muscles to relax fatigue and tension even in the thickest muscles.

These massagers don’t vibrate as they offer direct drive. The energy from the motor goes directly to the targeted muscles. Importantly, you will not experience “shaking” in your body while using Thumper massagers.

  1. Thumper massagers perform the task and not you

They provide a deep massage to your muscle tissues without having you to do any effort. Standard vibrating massagers move over the body surface and need additional pressure to go deeper.

However, the Thumper massager’s thumping action operates in an upright “up & down” direction and penetrates 1/4 inches deep, 28 times per second. So, you just have to place it in the targeted area and feel the comfort.

Thumper Massager

                                                                  thumper massager   Pic Credit: Amazon


  1. Research proven stroke depth

The right stroke depth is important as it tells whether you are efficiently working on your muscles or just causing hurting your muscles. Too low depth will not affect while too high can harm your muscles if not applied appropriately. The depth of stroke of a thumper massager is between 4 and 8mm that is ideal to activate the healing process.

  1. Thumper massagers are suitable for everyone

Each human is different and our requirements for massage are also different. Everybody has a preferred body part to massage. Finding the body massager that can massage all the areas is the right decision. Thumper massager has it all as it can relieve back pain, ease tired arms and legs, enhance the circulation of blood, and relax your feet.

  1. Comfortable to use

They are very easy and comfortable to use as they have no shaking reaction on your hands or arms. Their handle design and patented technology allow you to massage for a long time without experiencing discomfort or pain.

  1. Thumper massagers are precisely created in Canada

Thumper massagers are created by pros who understand massage well. With more than 40 years of experience in creating massage machines, the manufacturers offer 2 years warranty on all Thumper massagers. All thumper devices are assembled by hand. Similarly, it is tested thoroughly before distributing to the market.


Who can use the thumper massager?

Thumper Massagers are not only for professionals and anyone who wants to ease painful and aching muscles can use Thumper massagers. You can use a Thumper massager at home to relieve stress in your muscles. Thumper Sport is the best choice for home use and it is very popular among home users. You can also try Thumper Verve or Thumper Mini Pro.


Different types of thumper massager?

When you are experiencing muscle pain and aches, it is time for you to try a Thumper massager. These massagers are available in various designs to fulfill all kinds of massage needs, so you can find the best thumper massager for you. So, what is a thumper massager?

There are 6 different types of Thumper massager based on their design and functionalities. These include Thumper Maxi Pro, Thumper Sport, Thumper Mini Pro, Thumper Verve, Thumper Equine Pro, and Thumper Versa Pro.


1.Thumper Maxi Pro

This massager was originally created for chiropractors and they use Maxi Pro to reduce stiffness in the soft tissues and warm up the muscles before treatment. It acts as a deep muscle massager as it works to relax aches in muscles due to tension and fatigue.

2.Thumper Sport

This massager is ideal for people with an active lifestyle. It is portable with only 3 pounds weight and easy to carry. Thumper sports come with a long handle that allows you to reach all areas of your body. Its percussive massage technology offers deep tissue and muscle relief.

thumper pro

                                                 thumper massager  Pic Credit: Amazon

3.Thumper Mini Pro

It is great for enhancing the flow of blood and penetrating all layers of fascia to warm up the muscles. Thumper Mini Pro is small in size compared to MaxiPro so offers an easy and convenient self-massage. It is great for massaging the mid-back, shoulders, and neck.

4.Thumper Verve

Thumper Verve is a small but powerful massager. It has a single spherical massager head that is ideal for targeting particular areas. Both professionals and home users love this device. It is the best massager to help you stay active.

5.Thumper Equine Pro

With even more power and strength, Maxi Pro, the Equine Professional Massager is ideal for horses. Whether you ride show horses, jumpers or training racehorses, the Equine Pro massager is a breakthrough for improving an animal’s performance.

6.Thumper Versa Pro

The Versa Pro massager is a Professional-Strength Massager designed to relieve the pain in your feet, calves, quadriceps or hamstrings. It can be used on your lower back as well, or propped upright to soothe any aches and pains you may have throughout the day!

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Thumper Massagers are the most powerful massager devices for home and professional usage. If you’re suffering from muscle pain or just want a great way to relieve stress at work or in your own personal time, this device is perfect for you. It applies precise percussive massage technology that has been designed with an understanding of how muscles work to give users a therapeutic experience they won’t soon forget. 

If you are looking to buy a powerful thumper massager, please check on Amazon today!

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