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Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation | Improve Circulation & Mobility

Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation


People with diabetes suffer from poor circulation, so for them, a diabetic leg massager for circulation is important. If you have diabetes you will find a vast choice and the right diabetic leg massager on Amazon.

Today we will look at the top ten Diabetic Leg Massager to increase circulation, and how it works in order to increasing blood flow.

What is a Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation?

Massage is one of the fastest-growing complementary therapies in the USA. For people with diabetes, it appears to have a good holistic effect.

Especially on symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, where the patient loses feeling in the extremities due to nerve damage.

Moreover, Diabetes is a serious metabolic disease, and anything that we can do to help the diabetic to remain mobile should be done.

In addition, Massage may even improve insulin absorption for the diabetic person. Various types of massage are practiced and one of the first was Swedish massage.

Long strokes known as friction are used to improve booth blood flow and the lymphatic system. Now there are many massagers for sale, and most of them have been well designed for optimal effect. In addition to that it can be easily used at home without going to a massage therapist.

Top 10 Leg Massagers for Circulation


1. Human Touch Reflex Foot and Calf Massager

This will replace the massage therapist, and allow you to improve your leg circulation from home. Moreover, it has an extended height and an adjustable tilt base. Therefore, they reduce both tension and pain in the legs while improving circulation.



  • Prevents blood clots
  • Allows healing


  • You need to do it every day


diabetic leg massager for circulation

human touch leg massager circulation    Pic Credit: Amazon

2. Fit King Air Compression Leg Massager

Works on both the feet and the calf muscles. Similarly, it contains airbags that massage both the foot and the calf. The purpose is to relieve tired feet and increase circulation.


  • Three different intensity setting levels
  • Moreover, It is portable when you travel take it with you.


  • It takes a while to work but improves circulation after long-term use.


fit king diabetic leg massager for circulation

fit king diabetic leg massager for circulation  Pic Credit: Amazon

3. Renpho Leg Massager

The Renpho leg massager has an adjustable calf fitting area between 15-21 inches. It is easily adjustable with Velcro therefore, making the device very comfortable.


  • It has an automatic timer that shuts down after 15 minutes
  • Four different intensities
  • Most importantly, it has a remote control


  • too much pressure, may cause bruising


Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation

Renpho Leg Massager  Pic Credit: Amazon


4.Quinear Leg Massaging Machine

This machine has two air-bags on each side and gives the best results. A remote- control adjusts the heat function.

Relieves muscle fatigue and improves circulation.


  • Has two levels of heat function
  • Three massage levels
  • Easily adjusted with velcro
  • Is easily portable


    • It will take a while to increase the circulation, use every day


5. Human Touch Reflex 4 Calf and Foot Shiatsu Massager

Has something called figure 8 technology, providing a professional massage, It has three different treatment programs to ease the muscle pains and promote healthy circulation.


  • Removes toxins and restores the body’s balance
  • Good ergonomic design
  • Washable sleeves in the foot chamber
  • Accommodates all foot sizes
  • Reduces foot tension


  • Using long time at a stretch may bruise delicate skin


leg circulation

leg circulation    Pic Credit: Amazon


6. Tisscare Foot Massager

Gives a deep tissue kneading, rolling massage, improving the circulation. Importantly, if you have any diabetic ulcers, this massage allows ease of wound healing by keeping the circulation moving.


  • Keeps the circulation healthy enabling wound healing
  • Is only a small machine, easy to store


  • May cause some bruising on certain delicate skin types


Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation

tisscare foot massager  Pic Credit: Amazon

7. Reathlete Leg Massager

Has a feet, thigh, calf, leg air compression motion and use daily to keep the circulation healthy. Three different intensity level to choose from.


  • Prevents clotting
  • Reduces leg aches and pains


  • It Can get very hot with prolonged use


reathlete massager

reathlete massager    Pic Credit: Amazon


8. Foot Spa Bath Massager

If you have difficulty washing your feet, this is the spa for you. It has bubbles and massaging vibrating tools. It heats the water and will aid your circulation.


  • Will warm your feet up
  • Keeps toes healthy
  • Inexpensive foot massager


  • Many customer find it hard to clean


foot spa bath

foot spa bath  Pic Credit: Amazon


9. Belmint Foot Massager

This is a small electric shiatsu foot massager with remote control, to help increase your circulation and prevent clotting.


  • Has a remote control
  • Not expensive
  • Delivered to your door by Amazon


  • May cause bruising if a high setting is used


Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation     

Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation  Pic Credit: Amazon


10. Motorized Digital Foot Spa Massager

This w/16 motorized spa massager foot bath spa has shiatsu rollers and automatic temperature control.

This should be used daily to increase your circulation and relieve tired feet.


  • Cleansing to feet and legs
  • Display showing the temperature


  • May be hard for older people to clean.


Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation

Diabetic Leg Massager for Circulation      Pic Credit: Amazon



At the end of a long day, it can be difficult to get your blood pumping back through your veins. The best way to do this is by using a leg massager for circulation. It will help you feel better after sitting all day and work out some knots in your muscles that are left over from an injury or overexertion during exercise.

In addition, diabetic leg massager may also be helpful if you have diabetes because they improve blood flow which helps with healing wounds faster! With just one inexpensive purchase you’ll have access to relief from uncomfortable symptoms that come with diabetic neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease! A leg massager will help by increasing blood flow back up towards the heart while also providing comforting heat therapy on cold winter days. If you are looking to purchase one check out the vast selection on

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