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Does Massage Pillow Relieve Neck and Back Pain? Let’s Find Out

Massage Pillow:

The working and benefits

Does Massage Pillow Relieve Neck and Back Pain? Let’s find out. Many users are searching for massage pillows to help relieve pain, anxiety, and stress.


The use of massage pillows has increased over time. According to a report, the need for pillows having therapy functions or features that has much more to offer than a normal sleep pillow is growing at a much faster rate in contrast to their traditional equals.


People buy massage pillows for various uses. Some purchase them to prevent and soothe muscle soreness and pain in the neck, shoulder, and back. Others get them to relieve after a long hectic day or a strong workout.


Some people reported that massage pillows help prevent panic attacks. Even though there is an increasing demand for such pillows and many claims for their benefits, it is important to remember that they are not alternate for chiropractic or medical care.


Massage pillows are created to serve as an ancillary treatment substitute means that we can use them together with medical treatment.


This Massage pillows are a great alternative for people who are unable to spend money or time on a professional masseur or plenty of dollars on a massage chair.


The Massage helps increase circulation and relieves stress, so it is mostly used as a therapy to manage pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and various other health conditions, as well as routine tension.

 Massage Pillow Relieve Neck and Back Pain

The Working of Massage Pillow

Different varieties of massage pillow are available in the market, but the basic function and goal of each of them are the same.


Massage pillows often make use of three types of pressures to promote blood circulation and muscle movement.


The first one is the use of rollers or ball nodes with the massage pillows that move in a specified direction to soothe and relieve your muscles.


Some units come with nodes with heat, other models may have the optional heat function, and models without heat are also available.


It is entirely your preferred choice that which model of massage pillow you use, although chiropractor or doctor suggested choosing a model with heat method as per your personal requirements. People have different views regarding which massage pillow is best for them.


The second one that the massage pillows use is the air pressure to squeeze and loose over the body area.


When working with a massage cushion, you may know that it is set to inflate and deflate over your shoulders or legs. This procedure improves circulation that can relieve stressed-out muscles. The third one is the massage pillows using mild vibration features.


Neck Massage Pillow

The neck is a delicate area of the body that often bears more than its fair share of strain.


Between sitting hunched over at work, driving, and having to carry around heavy items all day, many people are starting to experience pain in their necks.


Neck massage pillow can help alleviate some of this tension and provide relief for those who suffer from chronic neck pain or stiffness.

massage pillow with heat

massage pillow with heat

Massage Pillow with Heat

A massage pillow with heat can be a great way to relieve your neck and back pain.

A heated massage pillow provides the same soothing warmth you would find in a spa while giving you that same comfort and relaxation at an affordable price.


Vibrating Massage Pillow

A vibrating massage pillow is a great way to improve your quality of sleep and relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and back.


The massaging motion can help break down knots in muscles which may have built up from stress or just day-to-day living.

 Massage Pillow Relieve Neck and Back Pain

massage pillow vibration

Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Shiatsu massage was used by the Japanese and made famous by them. The word Shiatsu means finger pressure, and the massage is founded on the lessons by traditional Chinese medicine.


Supporters believe that Shiatsu massage can help relieve several conditions like neck pain, back pain, headache, joint aches, and fatigue.


Shiatsu massage is well-known for using the practitioner’s weight to put on pressure to particular pressure points of the customer’s body; however, it also uses other practices such as holding and stretching.


Each of these methods intends to boost the body energy that may not be in balance.


Different products and tools have been created to outdo the massage without having to go for a professional masseur. Many massage tools like the Shiatsu massage pillow are very effective, affordable, and portable. This means that you can easily carry them around.


Even though they can’t be the exact substitute for the actual thing. However, they can be a great replacement at home, while travelling, or in the office.


Shiatsu Massage Benefits

Shiatsu massage comes with various health benefits. Using a Shiatsu massage pillow will help you enjoy many of the below-mentioned benefits:


  • Decrease the stiffness in muscles
  • Promote circulation of blood
  • Softens and stimulates the skin
  • Stretch the muscles in the abdomen to help relieve constipation
  • Reinforce the management of respiratory issues such as common cold and sinusitis
  • Help chronic combat conditions such as fatigue, headache, stress, neck pain, and back pain.


Benefits of using a Massage Pillow

With a massage pillow, anyone can get life-transforming advantages for their bodies, including both physiological and mental therapy.


Such pillows, when used in the right way, can offer instant relief. It not only by muscle stimulation but also by easing mental strain and stress.


The massage pillows can also improve and strengthen the immune system as well as support the body combat against diseases.


Some of the notable benefits of using a massage pillow:


Sore Neck

Good quality massage pillows are created to copy the job done by an expert masseur to stimulate the muscles and nerve endings.


Professional masseurs relieve neck pain using deep, firm pressure to work on pressure points that are bearing pain.


The outcome is improved motion and pain relief, particularly when using an efficient massage pillow.



Massage can help treat various kinds of arthritis in different ways. When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, massage pillow can promote blood circulation across all the painful joints. Moreover, it decrease the swelling too.


The best bet is to check with your physician to manage various kinds of arthritis because they can negatively respond to the treatment.



Headaches can come from millions of reasons, such as lifestyle and environmental factors. Similarly, it can also be hereditary. All of them respond to massage in a good way.


Have a brief 30-minute session with a massage pillow to improve your pain and headache.


Shoulder Pain

Irrespective of the reason for pain and tension in your muscles, you can manage it using a shoulder massage to lighten pain and improve the motion range.


When used correctly, a massage pillow can stimulate blood circulation and supply the muscles with oxygen-rich nutrients.


Muscle Tension

You can use a massage pillow to relieve muscle tightness. Massage pillows enable the muscles to relax and consequently decrease the tension.


Tension reduction lowers the restrictions and knots, thus relieving tightness in muscles.


Deep massaging nodes provide the deep strokes that help your muscles to stretch, improve elasticity and flexibility, and eventually enabling them to freely move again.



So, Does Massage Pillow Relieve Neck and Back Pain? 

If you’re looking for a solution to alleviate neck and back pain temporarily, the answer is yes. That said, it’s important to be realistic about how long term relief can change your life. Massage pillows are great in that they provide temporary relief from muscle tension without an expensive visit to the chiropractor or massage therapist. For those with chronic issues who want more than just temporary solutions.

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