Is it Safe to Use a Massager on Head? – A Question Worth Asking

Is it Safe to Use a Massager on Head?

In this article we will learn about ” Massager on Head? Is it Safe – A question Worth Asking”. After having a hectic day, a portable massager may be the convenient and accessible tool to go for. It helps to relieve the tension in your back, shoulders, legs, etc. But the question is, “is it safe to use a massager on my head?”


Headache probably becomes awful, and relieving it using a massager may feel like a good idea. But is it possible to use such a device on your head?

There are numerous benefits associated with massaging your head, including hair growth stimulation, relief from headaches, stress, and anxiety. Also, it enhances blood circulation to your head and scalp area.


However, the thing that makes the difference is the way you select to massage your head.

Thus, you need to look for a single method and attempt to make it work each time efficiently. Just like you use a coffee maker to have the right tasting coffee each time. You need to hand over your hand’s job to a device for better results. So, what about a massager?


You can use the massager on your head, but you need to be careful while using it. If it is the electric massager, you need to ensure safety. However, the best bet is to look for the massager that is specifically created for the head.


What makes it Unsafe?

Many people consider using a portable massager on the head can probably cause a shock or stroke. People also believe that using a massager on the head can lead to inner ear issues.


Many of the issues faced by people using massagers have indicated that more than 95 percent of the time, the faults and errors that result in injury or harm were made by humans.


It resulted due to negligence or absence of proper knowledge of using the portable massager on the head. Also, due to the lack of common sense.


Many people were using the massager on physical injuries, throat, neck, and swellings for a long time that leads to injuries.


So, we can say that using a massage on the head is not damaging itself. Unless it is used in the right way with proper care and knowledge.

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Is it Safe to Use a Massager on Head?

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Is it Safe to Use a Massager on Head?

As we said that the use of a massager on the head doesn’t cause harm. However, it is necessary to do it carefully. You should not use a massager on your head for extended times.

The advantages of head massage have been proved again and again over the years. So why not try a massager on the head to get consistent benefits of a traditional head massage?


Have a look at some of the facts:

Lots of people believe that if you use an electric massager on your head, it can lead to internal ear problems. We know that the inner ear is accountable for sound detection and balance. If it is damaged, it can cause several side effects, including imbalance, dizziness, or nausea.

You need to be careful and consider such signs while using the electric massager over your skull. The constant vibrations for extended times can cause these issues.

Some people also consider that the electric massagers, if used on the head, can lead to shock if the cords or batteries are exposed. It may seem very rare that an electric massager leads you to go into shock. But it’s better to check the tool before you use it.

It is also said that using body massagers on the head can cause stroke risk while having constant vibrations close to arteries near your head, neck, and throat. However, it seems to be intended for individuals who have pre-existing health conditions. But it is better to know about the prospective consequences.

All of the above-mentioned side effects are uncommon and occur occasionally. Still, you have to ensure that the devices you are using around or near your brain should be created specifically for the purpose of ensuring safety.

If you don’t have access to a proper head massager, you should not use the electric body massager on your head for more than 2 to 3 minutes at a single time.


Advantages of using a Massager on your Head

We know that a head massage comes with numerous benefits, such as combating stress and alleviating pain. Massage in your head increases the circulation of blood within the head due to the dilated blood vessels. That also enhances the flow of oxygen, thus enabling your brain to be in a relaxed state.

Bear in mind that no matter what type of electric massager you are using on your head, ensure that it is set on the lowest setting. Never use it at high speed. Powerful massagers can deliver intense massages to deep tissues. However, these massagers would be safe on the head only if you use them in the lowest setting.


Can I use a Head Massager on other Body Parts?

You can use a head massager on other body parts. After a long hectic day, the body of a person can become sore and tense. It is because of anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, workouts, or manual labor, etc. One of the easiest ways to soothe the aching muscles is to massage the tender areas.

As we have talked about earlier, there are many benefits associated with massage, particularly head massages. Although it is not a wise decision to use a portable back massager or body massager on your head. It can be beneficial to use a massager on other body parts where you are experiencing soreness and tenderness.

However, it is essential to keep in mind the real purpose of head massagers. They are specifically created for massaging the scalp and skull. So, they are designed to emit low vibrations to prevent any harm or injury and to let go of stress and tension in a particular area.

It implies that the head massager may probably not able to effectively aid the other body parts to relieve the tension and stress. So, using the head massager elsewhere on the body may not be as useful but can still give a momentary relief.


Conclusion :

To conclude this article ” Massager on Head? Is it Safe – A question Worth Asking ” we learned that the head massagers are indeed safe to use on our head. I hope you like this article. If you have any questions or feedback please post them below.

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