Naipo Massage Gun Review – Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager

Professional Massage Gun for Instant Relief

Naipo Massage Gun Review – Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager


Percussion massagers and massage guns are handheld products that apply throbs of pressure onto the deep muscle tissues of the user. This kind of deep tissue muscle massager help release tension and knots from the muscles of the users. In addition, it help enhance the blood circulation to make you feel comfortable and relax. Naipo Massage Gun is one of the best deep tissue percussion massage guns available in the market today.

Naipo massage gun

What is a Naipo massage gun deep tissue muscle percussion massager?

The Naipo Massage Gun is built with high-quality material. It features a lightweight deep muscle massage tool and incorporates advanced deep tissue muscle percussion technology. The massage gun comes with five different massage heads. It has distinct functions and 5 muscle percussion pressure levels. You will find all of these latest features in a single, affordable, reliable, and state-of-the-art Naipo massage gun.

With the Naipo massage gun, gym and fitness fanatics can better recover after every workout session. Moreover, relax their muscular pain in a better way. This massage gun is simply fantastic and works very well. It comes with advanced muscle percussion technology and can target muscle groups at the depth of 10mm. which enables it to break up extra lactic acid efficiently while providing comfort and relief to the body of user.

By delivering concentrated pressure pulses to the muscles of the user, the Naipo massage gun can target deep muscles to enhance a quick and better muscle relief as compared to many other massage guns currently found on the market.

Features of Naipo massage gun deep tissue muscle percussion massager

Naipo Massage Gun

Here are features of the Naipo Massage Gun:                                                 

Design and material

The Naipo Massage Gun is a very lightweight, and compact deep tissue percussion massager with a weight of only 2 lbs. It is durable and portable which makes it travel-friendly and a great option for gym and fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, the massage gun has an ergonomic design giving it a stylish look as well as makes it easy to handle and use. It is incorporated with a 41mm handle with a silicone sheath, hence providing a comfortable grip to its users as well as full safety while using it. The Naipo Massage Gun is lighter in contrast to its competitors, thanks to its slim design. It is equipped with a very quiet operating 24V high-torque brushless motor that works between 2000 and 3200 percussions per minute. The massage gun is crafted with a double bearing rotation assembly.

5 Multi-functional interchangeable massage heads

The Naipo Massage Gun features 5 multifunctional and interchangeable applicators or massage heads that concentrate on different body parts and help with deep tissue percussion massages. You can satisfy all your massage needs with lots of massage head attachments. The 5 massage heads include big ball, U-shape, flat, cushion, and bullet.

5 Intensity Levels

The massage gun comes with 5 different intensity levels. The first one is the “warm-up” that works at the speed of 2000 rpm. The second level is the “Muscle Wake” which works at the speed of 2300 rpm. The third level is the “Muscle Relaxation”, working at 2600 rpm. The “Deep Massage” is the fourth level offering the concentrated pressure at 2900 rpm speed. The fifth one is the most powerful intensity level for deep muscle massage, which is intended for “Muscle Recovery”, operating at 3200 rpm.

Moreover, there are easy-to-use, simple, and quick access intensity buttons that are sited at the side of the Naipo massage gun that enable you to change the intensity level of the massage gun between 5 different intensity levels. The massage gun has 5 different LED light indicators for each intensity level that indicates the intensity level that is selected. Importantly, the concentrated pressure intensity levels can be easily changed with some simple clicks.

Auto turn-off feature

In addition, the Naipo Massage Gun comes with an automatic shut-off protective feature that helps to save some battery power if you forget to turn off the massage gun.

Charging, noise, and battery life

The Naipo Massage Gun is equipped with a 2500mAh battery. It claims to work for 5 to 7 hours when charged fully. This characteristic makes it easy to carry it in your bag for a weekend away from home without worrying about charging it over and over again. You just have to ensure that you have the right interchangeable massage head put on to ease your stress.

As far as noise is concerned, it is not too loud but not very silent. It has a 55mm high-torque brushless motor built-in which produces the sound of less than 4s decibels when having a massage session.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a lightweight handheld deep tissue massage gun
  • Ergonomic handle grip makes it easy to use
  • The massage gun comes with a powerful motor that operates quietly
  • You will have five multi-functional interchangeable massage heads for massaging different parts of the body
  • It comes with a long-lasting battery
  • The Naipo massage gun offers five different speeds of pressure
  • It is portable and can be easily carried and transported
  • Available at an affordable price


  • If you are a first-timer, you can expect a bit of shock
  • Hard-to-reach areas of your body may suffer


Kelices Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

  • Deep tissue massager with 15 massage heads and storage case: The deep tissue massager features 15 massage heads that reach every muscle, promote circulation, and break down lactic acid. With a portable suitcase included in this set, you can relax your muscles at any time, anywhere.
  • This unit features 30 speed settings from 1300 to 3,200 rpm to meet the various needs of the various parts of the body, and is great for massages of neck, back, arms, and legs. This unit will awaken your body muscles and help to provide great deep tissue massage.
  • This muscle massage gun can last for a long time because it is equipped with a power adapter. This gun massager’s 2000mAh battery can be used continuously for up to 6 hours, and it takes 1 to 2 hours to fully charge.
  • An excellent massage device for personal use as well as for professional use, perfect for a physical therapist or chiropractor, as the Percussion massager is very quiet while working, only 35- 50dB in volume.
  • Massage gun is very lightweight, weighing only 2.1lbs with a portable carry case.

    TOLOCO Massage Gun, Upgrade Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes

  • This massage gun makes deep tissue massage comfortable and effective at relieving muscle fatigue, promoting blood circulation, reducing lactic acid, and relieving muscular pain.
  • With 20 speed settings ranging from low to high, this massage gun can provide experience of different degrees of pressure.
  • Ten replaceable massage heads on the cordless massage gun allow the user to relax their entire body.
  • Percussion massage gun with ergonomic silicone handle, which makes it easy to grip and prevents slipping.
  • An ultra-lightweight deep tissue massager, with a case to simplify storage and transport.

Renpho Powerful Portable Massage Gun

  • This muscular fascia gun has been updated with a super powerful brushless motor and premium metal housing, delivering high penetration and maximum indulgence.
  • The ultra-portable and silent Hand Back Workout Massager is ideal for home, office and gym use; its light weight and easy to grip nature make it ideal for anywhere and anytime.
  • Charging machine with USB-type C – no charging worries when traveling from country to country; you can use the standard phone adapter or the 5v/2a adapter to charge it, or you can use the power bank if you need to.
  • Moreover, for your safety, the muscle massage gun automatically switches off after 10 minutes after it has been fully charged with a lithium battery with a capacity of 2500mah.
  • There are 5 different speeds for different muscle groups and 20 different massager heads, aid in sore muscle massage, relieve and shape different muscle parts. Just turn on the device, choose a massager head, and start to relax your body.

Naipo massage gun review



The Naipo Massage Gun is a portable, lightweight, and high-quality deep tissue muscle percussion massager.It comes with 5 multi-functional interchangeable massage heads with 5 intensity levels of pressure to choose from. It is a great massager to enhance blood circulation and lowers muscle pain. It also helps with physical flexibility. This massage gun is recommended for people who go to the gym regularly. The Naipo Massage Gun is the right tool to break down lactic acid, loose tighten muscles, improve blood flow. Importantly, train your muscles before starting a workout. It is also a great massage gun for beginners looking for their first massage gun. If you are looking for an entry-level massage gun at a reasonable price, this is the right tool for you. Click here for the latest offers on Naipo Massage Gun.

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