Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager


daiwa felicity foot massager


Swing Master(USJ-201)
Swing Master offers an accessible form of passive exercise, stimulating muscle contractions, boosting oxygen in the blood, and loosening the spine for greater overall health. Used by chiropractors, massage therapists, and as a part of holistic healing practices.

Acupressure Disc Reflexology Massager (USJ-873)
Acupressure Disc Reflexology Massager (USJ-873) makes reflexology easy and accessible. Hundreds of nodes massage toes, arches, and heels, energizing tired feet and improving blood circulation.

The Acupressure Disc can be used while sitting or standing, with or without padding, and for the amount of time you prefer.

For maximum benefit, work your way up to using the disc for 20-60 minutes, twice daily. According to the practice of reflexology in holistic medicine, the flow of energy can be improved through the reflex points on the soles of the feet, which are linked through the nervous system to organs and glands throughout the body.

By regularly applying pressure to reflex points, corresponding parts of the body are stimulated, giving an invigorating boost to sluggish or blocked energy pathways


  • The Swing Master creates a wave-like motion at the ankles that moves up the legs and spine. Strong 15-Watt Motor with a Standard AC 120V-60Hz power supply, remote, padded ankles, auto-timer.
  • A chi machine, aka a passive aerobic exerciser, makes energizing exercise accessible for everyone. A Qi Machine can help increase circulation to the lower extremities for people who are sedentary.
  • Use for stress reduction, restful sleep, increased energy levels, and an overall revitalization.
  • Acupressure Mat Disc lets you use your own body weight to press acupressure target points on the foot. DIY reflexology therapy at home. In reflexology, all body parts and organs are represented in zones of the footsole. Stimulating these pressure points is thought to encourage immune functioning.
  • Manufacturer note: nubs are made of hard plastic. If you have a sensitive feet we do not recommend you use this Acupressure Disc. If you love a deep tissue shiatsu massage you will LOVE this product.
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