Cryotex Massage Gun Deep tissue Handheld Percussion Massager


Cryotex Massage Gun

The Cryotex Massage Gun is a handheld percussion massager that lets you get deep tissue massage wherever you need it – wrists, elbows, back of your head…you name it! The best part? You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to use this amazing massager! Let’s learn more about Cryotex today and see how awesome it is.

In order to penetrate deep into the muscles, the Cryotex percussion massager uses concentrated pressure. Massage can improve blood flow to muscles and reduce pain while increasing blood flow to muscles.

Cryotex Massagers bring deep muscle relaxation to your body, reducing stress levels and increasing the overall feeling of relaxation.

These high torque brushless motor, powerful percussion, hard battery, long-lasting battery, lightweight design, intelligent modes, anti-slip material, six interchangeable heads, 3200 beats per minute, and quiet motor are perfect quality combos for the happier customer family.

Best Features of Cryotex Massage Gun-


After exercise, the CRYOTEX Massage Gun can effectively relieve the body’s soreness through deep and powerful massage. Moreover, An athlete’s handheld massager helps restore the body faster, promotes muscle regeneration, improves blood flow, and relieves lactic acid buildup. In addition, You can also use it to prepare your body for exercise by warming it up beforehand.

Cryotex Massage Gun


Each of the six heads allows for targeted treatment of different muscle groups. A relaxing massage for every muscle need is provided by different massage heads, speed levels, and smart modes. One-level intensity guns, which are used on muscles with high sensitivity, may cause bone and muscle damage. Moreover, Featuring a LCD touch screen and automatic off function when not in use, our percussion massager has all the features you want.



Easy-to-use, lightweight, and only 2 lbs. It is very convenient to carry it anywhere you go, including to work, the gym, and other places.



You can relax while you have a deep tissue massage with your massage gun. A low-noise motor was developed for the Cryotex Massage Gun. Professional deep tissue massager has an audible noise reduction technology of 45db and a torque motor that delivers 3,200 percussions per minute. It has 4 intelligent modes and 4 adjustable speed settings.


Cryotex cordless massager comes with a lithium-ion 2600mAh battery that can be fully charged and keeps going for up to 6 hours. As long as the cryotex is charged, its force remains stable. A battery indicator on the body massager means you won’t have to worry if the power goes out.


In conclusion, Cryotex is a percussion massaging tool that can be used to reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow and quickly offer long-term relief from pain. This handheld device applies concentrated pressure into the muscles tissues in order to get deep tissue massage therapy which reduces muscle tension while improving blood circulation.

There are many benefits of using this device such as reducing inflammation, increasing oxygen levels in cells for a better cell repair process, and boosting metabolism by releasing endorphins. It has also been known to increase flexibility through stimulation of nerve endings on the skin’s surface. The Cryotex comes with six different attachments so you can use it on any part of your body!  Click here to buy now on


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