Homedics Perfect Touch Masseuse App Controlled Massage Cushion with Heat

The HoMedics Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion is the perfect way to relax after a long day. It’s so comfortable, you’ll want to use it every night! The massage cushion has many different settings and modes that will help you find your favorite setting for relaxation. You can even control this device with an app on your phone!HoMedics Simple Touch Massage Cushion


  • 4 MASSAGE STYLES: The four massage styles include deep-kneading shiatsu for focusing on specific pressure points, gentle rolling to ease aches and discomforts, percussion to help you work deep-tissue muscles, and shiatsu & percussion for a deeper massage experience.
  • YOU CAN USE YOUR SMARTPHONE TO CONTROL YOUR CHAIR: Use the app on your smartphone to adjust the seat settings! Use the programmed controller to create your own massage schedules, or use the 3 massage zones and spots to select the best massage for you
  • It allows any member of the family to use this heated massager, as the neck and shoulder massager adjusts to fit any height. The seat cushion massager also reverses direction, giving you the option of a traveling massage or targeted spot massage allowing you to pinpoint a specific area that needs relaxing
  • THERMAL HEATING OPTIONS: The massage chair has an option to heat the seat. You will feel even more relaxed and sooth when you use heat on your neck, back, and shoulders.
  • INTEGRATED STRAPPING System: When not in use, the Perfect Touch Massage Seat’s integrated strapping system keeps the cords neat within the cushion’s pocket when not in use, and is compatible with most chairs.


HoMedics Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion

An intensive, invigorating full back massage is delivered along with a deep neck and shoulder massage with the HoMedics Perfect Touch. Having a heating element adds extra comfort to your massage and penetrates muscle tissue. You will experience the next level of relaxation with your tired, sore muscles. Three different zones can be targeted by your massage: upper back, lower back, or the entire back.

4 Massage Styles

Deep-kneading Shiatsu, Gentle Rolling, Invigorating Percussion and Shiatsu/Percussion Combination.

Smartphone Capabilities

Control your massage programs directly from your device

Customizable Massage

Adjust the height and direction of nodes for a personalized experience

Gentle HeatHoMedics Massage Cushion with Heat

Soothing heat for maximum relaxation

Integrated Straps

Designed to securely fit most standard size chairs

Retractable Cord

The internal cording system makes storage and accessibility simple


The HoMedics Perfect Touch delivers an intense, invigorating full back massage along with a deep neck and shoulder massage. It features an optional heating element that penetrates muscles and makes your massage even more soothing. It takes your tired, sore muscles to the next level of relaxation. You can choose to focus your massage on 3 different zones: upper back, lower back, or your entire back.

The Massage App works with Android and Apple smartphones, letting you reverse direction, change the style or zone, activate the heating feature and more with a simple touch of your phone. Or, you can use the traditional programmed controller for the same relaxing results.

The Perfect Touch features 4 distinct massage styles which include:

• Deep-kneading shiatsu: Offers deep concentration on pressure points for an intense yet relaxing experience that reduces stress and tension while increasing blood flow

• Gentle rolling: Creates a soothing effect that works away the aches and tension of the day while leaving you feeling relaxed

• Invigorating percussion: Aggressively works and strengthens deep-tissue muscles for improved blood circulation and toning

• Shiatsu & percussion combined: An alternating massage experience that’s truly the best of both worlds

This App Controlled Chair’s neck and shoulder massager mechanism adjusts to your height, allowing multiple members of your family to enjoy a therapeutic massage from one chair! This massage chair can also reverse direction at your command. Choose from a massage that moves up and down the length of your back or a targeted spot massage, letting you pinpoint a specific area that needs relaxing.NEVER use abrasive cleaners, brushes, gasoline, kerosene, glass/furniture polish, or paint thinner to clean.


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