Toloco Massage Gun


Toloco Massage Gun

The Toloco Massage Gun is a handheld percussion massager that can be used on any area of the body. It includes ten interchangeable heads, one for deep tissue and other ones for more gentle massage. This device is designed to help relieve pain and tension by using rapid vibrations to stimulate blood circulation in the body.

The small size heads make it easy to reach difficult areas like the neck or back without having to ask someone else. I was excited when I got this product because I have had chronic lower back pain since my high school years. So it’s been hard for me at times just doing simple day-to-day tasks. So after using this once, my chronic lower back pain has subsided.

Powerful & Quiet

Brushless motors with 24 V make a powerful impact. During operation, 40-50 dB of noise is generated. You can enjoy it either at home or in a noisy gym because it won’t disturb anyone else.

Professional Percussive Massager

stimulates the muscles and fascia with powerful high-frequency vibrations and wakes up the body’s energy.

Ergonomic Design & Anti-Slip Handle

For an easier massage, the ergonomic design offers a non-slip silicone handle.

Massage guns are used to relieve muscle fatigue by releasing lactic acid buildup as well as alleviating pain. Which comes from deep tissue massages or trigger point therapy sessions. 

Massage guns have been around for years now. However, they just recently started getting a lot of attention because people found out how beneficial they are. It is super helpful in relieving tension caused by intense workouts. A lot of people find it difficult taking care of their own backs so this is where massage tools come into play.

  • Massage guns, can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, promote blood circulation, relieve lactic acid. This lets you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by a deep tissue massage gun.


  • Flexible speed settings allow users to choose the intensity of the massaging. In addition, the 10 massage heads allow users to massage all parts of their bodies.



  • This deep tissue massager has a lightweight design with a carrying case, which simplifies transportation and storage.



In conclusion, If you’ve been struggling with muscle pain, we recommend the Toloco percussion massager. This handheld device applies concentrated pressure to your muscles. Moreover, it improves blood flow quickly by reducing pain. It also comes with 10 attachment heads so that you can find one that is perfect for your needs- whether it be a deep tissue massage or something less intense. Plus, ergonomic design makes this tool easy to use no matter what type of body shape or size you are!  Buy now on

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