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RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Review | Buy or Not to Buy !!



This is RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Review. RELAXONCHAIR is an FDA registered company based in Anaheim, California. Their products are designed in USA and then manufactured in China. This has gained a lot of popularity recently with its high-quality full body massage chairs.

Have you ever felt like your body is in constant pain or that it’s taking a toll? Do you feel like your back and neck are in knots? Does it seem like tension is the only constant in your life? You’re not alone.

There are many things that can cause our bodies to be in such a state, but the good news is you have the RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair. This chair has been designed to relieve all these ailments and more, from back pain, headaches, arthritis pains and much more.

This blog post will go over the benefits of RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic, a full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair that helps relieve stress and pain. So let’s get started –


What comes in the box?

RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Full Body Massage Chair

Remote Control

User Manual

Power Cord

Getting started with RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic-



Getting started with RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic is easy. Connect the main power cord located in the back of the chair to a standard 110v electrical outlet. Turn on the main power switch located at the back of the chair to power the chair on/off.

Next the body scanning technology scans your body when you start the massage sessions. Once scanning is complete the massager is ready with massage options. You can choose one of the 7 auto massage modes or select manually.


RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Review 2021

Specification :

Item Net Weight 218 lbs.
Item Width 32 inches
Dimension (Upright) Length: 55 inches Height: 48 inches
Dimension (Reclined) Length: 67 inches Height: 43 inches
Wall Clearance 16.5 inches
Height & Weight Recommendation 5’2″ ~ 6’5″ Tall 300 lbs.
Recommended Usage Up to 30 minutes each massage session 1~2 massage sessions daily
Origin Designed in USA, Manufactured in China
Assembly Fully Assembled. Plug and Play
Package Contents 1 Massage chair, 1 remote controller, 1 power cord, 1 owner’s manual
Shipping Weight 330 lbs. including pallet weight
Number of shipped boxes 1 Box


Best features of RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic-


Intelligent Body Scan

Every time you start the massage sessions, the body scanning function scans your body. It measures your entire upper body length. Then your back’s pressure points will be tracked. The body scan feature recognizes your body’s curve and shapes.


Contoured L-track system

It is ergonomically designed to suit your entire back for an effective back massage. It features long L-track system, and it accommodates users from 5.2” to 6.5”. The 50-inch L track that massages the glutes and thighs is the longest one available in the market at present.


3 Stage zero gravity position

It has a 3 stage zero gravity position. You can recline from 115 degree to 160 degree to your perfect zero gravity position with the click of a button. Press the zero-gravity button on the remote once for position one. Twice for position two and 3 times for position 3. Press the button 4 times to return to your original position. On position 3 the heart level is completely lower than your feet.



7 auto program & manual control 

This massager chair is equipped with 7 auto massage modes. The massage modes are full body, relief, stretch, quick, full air, yoga, and sleep. The auto program runs for 15 mins by default, however you can extend it up to 30 mins if you wish to.

You can choose from several different settings in the manual mode. Some main settings are-

Whole button- Choose a massage mode for your back from kneading, tapping, dual mode, shiatsu, rolling.

Point button – This button allows you to target certain areas for you back massage.

Roller button – This button allows you to adjust the rollers position


Air massage system with heat

The RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic is featured with 42 air bags for a complete air massage experience. The air massagers are in the arms, shoulders, calves, and feet area of the massager chair to achieve a quality compression massage.

In addition, there are 2 heating pads in the lower back area that enhance the massage experience. You can recover your muscles and joints faster using a heat therapy system with increased blood circulation and feel less pain and aches.  


Intensity/Speed control

On the manual mode you can control the speed and level of intensity easily using the remote control. There are 3 speed levels and 3 intensity levels you can adjust.


Back lit remote controller

The remote controller comes with back lit buttons hence, your massager can be used in dark too. The button & Smart display is brightly lit at all times during usage.


Sleep mode

When the sleep mode is activated, the massager will not interrupt you even though the massage session is completed. For example, if you enjoy a massage in reclining position, with sleep mode activated. Once the session is over, your position will stay right where it was!


Footrest extension

For taller users, the footrest can be extended up to 6 inches.


Calf and foot massager

You can enjoy a quality compression massage for your calves and foot with this massager. Multiple air bags placed on sides of legs and foot area to achieve this massage.


Foot roller

The foot roller moves forward and backward to sooth you sole and heel.


Build quality

This is a strongly built chair with high quality synthetic leather. The company put lot of efforts on building a chair which will last longer. According to Relaxonchair all their massage chairs are 100% tested before shipping.


What customers are saying about RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic –

“I never knew a massage chair could be so life changing.

It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on the RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Full Body Massage Chair. As soon as I sat in it, I felt like my body had been released from all its tension and stress for the very first time ever. It’s hard to believe that this is just one chair – but it’s not! This baby has got your back, literally! My back feels so much better now, and my neck doesn’t have any more pain either (which is amazing because before using this magical chair, my neck would hurt SO BAD). “


Frequently asked questions about RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic

What are the measurements on the relaxonchair mk classic?

The chair dimension: 55 x 32 x 49 (H) inches. The product is fully assembled from the factory. It comes in one giant box which measures 57x34x50(H) inches. Because of size and weight of the box, the box will be transported on a wooden pallet which adds another 5 inches of height.


How much wall clearance is needed?

It required 17 inches from the wall when it is in the full upright position from the back of the chair.


Do I need to assemble the massage chair?

No, the chair comes fully assembled in a huge box.


Is the leg extension automatic or manual?

The leg extension is manual.


Does this heat legs?

No, there is no heating on legs. There is heating for back only.


What Are The Available Colors?

The colors available are black and brown


Does this target the back of the thighs too?

Yes, this chair does target the back of the thighs.


What is the weight limit on this chair?

300 lbs

Does it massage the hands?

No, the arms only.


Is the rollers 2-d or 3d?



How to clean RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic  ?

Clean with dry cloth with mild soap or gentle cleaner without bleach. You can also unzip cloth covers for airbag and hand wash with with same cleaner without bleach.


 How loud is this chair?

There is some noise due to the motors working but it is not loud.


Is RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic right for you?


3 levels of zero gravity seating 115 degree to 160 degree

50 “long L-track

Auto sleep mode

7 auto program & manual control

Air compression massager with 42 airbags

Back heating pad and massage



Difficult to keep the manual leg extension stable

No Bluetooth or HD speakers

No wheels under the massager for moving around



Real relax Favor 03 plusFull body massager

6 auto modes

8 massage options

Bluetooth speakers

Height limit 6.1

Weight limit 400 pounds

SMAGREHO Massage Chair ReclinerFull body Airbag Massage

Bluetooth Music Player

Foot Extendable Footrest

Roller Massage

6 pre-set auto modes

3 levels of Back rollers massage

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair 

Full body massage

AI voice Control

Bluetooth and HD speakers

Air compression massage

Heat therapy massage

Auto body detection



In conclusion, RELAXONCHAIR offers three levels of zero-gravity seating position and seven auto programs to choose from. So if you’re feeling sore but also need some deep breaths after work or want something gentler before bedtime there are options available to suit all moods!

There is also an air compression massage with 42 airbags that will work on different part of your body including your back, neck, arms, and legs.

The RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic is an excellent massage chair that has many features and benefits for you. We recommend it to anyone who wants high-quality body massages from the comfort of their home. This concludes RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Review.

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