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iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair Review 2022| Body Massager with AI Voice Control


iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair Review USA 2022

This is a review about iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair.

I know how hard it can be to find time to take care of yourself when your schedule is so busy – sometimes all you need is 10 minutes.

The iRest A306 is a powerful massage chair. It features an in-built sound system, 3D motion effects for the head, neck, back, and abdominal area, as well as foot rollers.

The chair offers tapping, rolling, acupressure, and kneading modes to give you an ultimate relaxation experience. You can also customize your settings with different intensity levels for each mode.

All these features are designed to help you relax your body from any stress it may have accumulated over the day.

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair
iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair


Getting started with iRest A306

It is very easy to get started with the iRest A306 massage chair. It has quick access buttons on the armrest to switch the massage on/off.

Also, this massager is equipped with intelligent AI voice control for easy operation. Just say “Hi Alice” and the massage chair will reply “I am here”.

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair 

In addition, the automatic body scanning system measures the body type and maps the back curvature for a more precise massage.

Similarly, to choose the best recline position you can simply use the quick access buttons.


Best Features of-

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair

1.Full Body Massage

This is truly a full-body massager chair. Several features of this massager chair make it ideal for everyone, including zero gravity, back heat, foot rollers, foot massage, air massage, body scan, and 3D rollers. These features will help you get a deep massage anytime.

2.AI Voice Control

The luxurious a306 massage chair is featured with an AI voice control to provide maximum convenience.

You can experience different types of massages by simply telling the massage chair. It works when the chair is on standby mode or just switched on.

To start the voice control function, you need to press and hold the “voice” button on the handrail for 3 seconds.

3.Auto Body Detection feature of iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair
iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair

The massager automatically detects your weight, height, shoulders, and spine data.

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair

Then, it finds the right position for the massage to match your neck, back, waist and so on.

4.SL Double Tracks

A 135cm SL track with the massage chair allows you to experience the robot hands massage from your neck to your legs. You will ger a full massage coverage where it requires the most.

5.Zero Gravity

This massage chair has 3 levels of zero gravity angles. The third level is the most reclined position where the location of thighs and calves are above the heart. This is beneficial as it stimulates the blood circulation in the body.


This massager chair uses carbon fibers as a far-infrared heat source. The heating pad temperature can go up to 40 degrees.

This stimulates blood circulation and soothes sore muscles. Heat radiates from carbon fiber in the backrest unit to relieve cold and pain. 

By allowing better heat absorption by the body, the infrared wavelengths promote a faster metabolism.

7.Different Massage Techniques

Several different massage techniques are emulated by the intelligent manipulator, including kneading, tapping, acupressure, and rolling.

This device provides flexible acupoint massage for a variety of body parts, including the neck, shoulders, back, and legs, by adjusting the height, width, and depth of the massage roller.

The touch is very similar to that of real human hands.

8.Full Body Air Compression Massage

The massage chair boasts multiple airbags, which distribute massaging pressure throughout the body to provide a total body massage experience.

 There are airbags at the shoulders, arms, pelvis, feet, and calf areas. 

Through compression massage, the blood circulation is strengthened throughout the body. This relieves the body of pain and tension.

9.Bluetooth and HD Speakers

HD Speakers are built into the headrest of the chair, which offers great sound.

With Bluetooth technology built-in, you can enjoy your favourite music while receiving a wonderful massage.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your cell phone to your device and you can also answer a phone call. 

10.USB port and Phone Holder

There is a handy phone holder and USB port to charge your phone.

11.Handrail Shortcut Key

The handrail has easy access buttons to operate the massage chair.  You can switch on/off, choose your recliner position from these handy shortcut buttons.

12.Leg extension

The leg extension feature in this massager will adjust to different heights of the user, making it easier for you to find your optimal level.


FAQ’s about iRest A306 Full Body Massager

Does this chair have 3D scanning?

Yes, it has 3d scanning.

What is the maximum user weight?

The maximum user weight is 330 lbs.

What is the maximum user height?

This massage chair is ideal for users with height 5.2 – 6.2 feet

What is the warranty on this?

This massage chair comes with 3 years warranty.

What is the difference between this Irest a306 and a306-8?

Both are the same model massager chairs.

iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair
iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair


Model A306 Specification:

Massage Robot 3D Rollers 
Rated Voltage      110V ~ 60Hz
Rated Power 120W
Maximum Load Weight 330 Lbs
Recommended Height Range 6.23 Feet
Roller Track Length 53″
Auto Time 20 Minutes
Noise ≤50 dBA
Recline Angle 90-180 Degree
Seat Width 19.69″
Auto Program 12
Net Weight 198.42 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions 54.3″ x 29.92″ x 46.45″
Product Size 61.02″ x 29.92″ x 33.46″
Required Recline Clearance 1.96


Is iRest A306 Full Body Massage Chair right for you? Based on top customer reviews –



Full body massager

Auto body detection

Five massage techniques

Compression Massage


Bit expensive cheaper alternatives available

AI voice command activated at times without being prompted


Aching muscles and joints can make it hard to get through the day.

If you are looking for a full body massage chair, the iRest A-306 massager is a full body massage chair that uses advanced technology to provide professional-grade massage at home or in the office.

This means you always have access to an affordable, convenient way of reducing muscle pain and tension, improving circulation, relieving stress, and boosting your energy levels.

The device has been designed with convenience in mind as well – it features AI voice control, so you don’t always need to use your hands when using it!

 It also includes HD Bluetooth speakers so that you can listen to music while getting a massage without needing any external speakers.

The iRest massager is perfect for anyone who wants a more effective alternative to expensive professional massage in a massage centre.


Real relax Favor 03 plus

Full body massager

6 auto modes

8 massage options

Bluetooth speakers

Height limit 6.1

Weight limit 400 pounds



Relaxonchair Full Body Massage Chair

5 Techniques for Your Back Massage

2nd Gen. Intelligent Body Scanning

Body Stretch Therapy

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Foot Extension

Airbag Massage


SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner

Full body Airbag Massage

Bluetooth Music Player

Foot Extendable Footrest

Roller Massage

6 pre-set auto modes

3 levels of Back rollers massage


In conclusion, the iRest A306 Full Body Massage chair is a great option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of full body massage and relaxation in the comfort of their home.

Moreover, it is full of features like compression massage, heat therapy, AI voice control, roller, kneading, tapping, and acupressure massage. This zero-gravity recliner chair also comes with auto body detection.

 it’s easy to see why this chair has been one of Amazon’s best sellers in its category since launching.This would also make an excellent gift idea for someone who could use some relaxation time!

If you are interested in learning more about this product or want to find out how much you can save on your purchase by shopping at Amazon, click here now.



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