Naipo Electric Eye Massager Review – Best Solution for Tired Eyes

Naipo Electric Eye Massager Review – With Heat, Vibration, Air Pressure


After working a long time at school or work, it is easy to get your eye tired. So a good eye massager comes in handy to help reduce stress and relax your eyes. Such eye massage products offer many advantages to both physical and mental health. You will need to look for a comfortable and durable eye massager to relieve the stress. The best electric eye massager needs to be good and safe for your eyes and overall health. Here we will talk about Naipo Electric Eye Massager and explore its features.

Electric Eye Massager

What is a Naipo electric Eye Massager?

Manufactured by the Naipo Company this electric eye massager is designed with good quality material and has an elegant appearance. The massager helps you reduce eye pain, eye strain, and eye fatigue. Moreover, it is convenient and comfortable to use. Three modes are provided to relax your eyes including sleeping mode, medium mode, and hard mode. For vibration and air pressure, the massager has a different mode to heat and massage your eyes. The Naipo Electric Eye Massager is a smart and intelligent device as it automatically stops working after 15 minutes. So, this eye massager keeps your eyes safe and lowers power consumption.

Features of Naipo electric Eye Massager

The Naipo Electric Eye Massager with heat, vibration, and air pressure was not only created to ease eye pain and relieve eye fatigue but also help diminish eye circles. Here are the features of the Naipo Electric Eye Massager.

Design and material

The Naipo Electric Eye Massager is portable and lightweight so it is easy to wear on your face. The cloth on the underside of the eye massager that touches your face is very soft and silky and feels good on the skin. It makes the mask comfortable to use. You may be skeptical that how effective an eye massager would be for the face but after using this massager you will be surprised to know that it really helps reduce stress and anxiety as well as a headache to make you feel calm and relax.

Three massage modes

This eye massager comes with 3 different massage modes including sleep mode, medium mode, and hard mode. The sleep mode only uses the air pressure feature whereas the medium mode turns on heat along with air pressure as well as music. The hard mode makes use of all the features including heat, air pressure, vibration, and music.

The sleep mode treatment lasts for 10 minutes using the air compression and heat compress features. The medium mode lasts for 15 minutes using the vibration in addition to the heat compress option. While the hard mode treatment lasts for 20 minutes using heat compress, vibrations, and air compression. To change the mode, you will have to press the power button. If you want to turn off the massager, you will have to press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

Naipo Eye Massager

Target 9 different acupressure points

The Naipo electric eye massager provides 9 acupressure points that trigger when air pockets inflate and deflate in a circular motion and apply light vibration around your eyebrow, cheekbones, and bony orbits to enhance the flow of blood to your eyes, removing the dark circles, bags and puffiness of eyes.

Effectiveness of Naipo Electric Eye Massager

The device is carefully created to offer light heat function to provide gentle heat between 38oC to 42oC to enhance blood circulation for comfort and relaxation. If you see puffiness in your eyes or dark circles around your eyes when you woke up, just relax and wear this eye massager to relieve them. The Naipo Electric Eye Massager also works great for dry eyes after a hectic day at work or school. Regular use of this massager strengthens the muscles around your eyes.

Adjustable and easy to control

It is very simple and easy to change the modes using the massager on your eyes. In addition, the massager features high-quality elastic straps that are adjustable enabling you to adjust the massager on your eyes. Tight straps mean the more intense massage and if you want a less intense massage you need to adjust the straps a bit lose.

Pre-installed sounds for relaxation

This massager also comes with a sound feature means that there is a list of 4 pre-installed sounds to help relaxation and the sound feature can be used in any mode or turns it off as per your choice.

Other notable features of Naipo Electric Eye Massager

Besides basic massage features, this eye massager has almost all of the other features that a standard eye massage has such as USB rechargeable, Bluetooth capabilities, and foldable compact design.


  • This Electric Eye Massager has a stylish look
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • You can adjust the eye massager according to your thanks to its 180° foldability feature
  • It offers safe massage to your eyes along with heat function
  • It is portable and provides easy one-click controls
  • The Bluetooth feature enables you to listen to relaxing music while massaging your eyes
  • The massager comes with sleeping mode, hard mode, and med mode
  • This Electric Eye Massager is very intelligent and smart with air pressure
  • It helps relieve headaches, eye strains, eye fatigue, and more


  • The eye massager can be noisy
  • The music is not very good
  • Some program modes are not enough customizable
  • The product is a bit pricey

naipo electric eye massager


1.RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat

Powerful heating massage to reduce eye strain
180° Adjustable & Portable Design
Moreover Built-in speakers and pre-recorded sound for enhanced relaxation

2.Breo iSee4 Eye Massager with Heat

Accurate and adjustable intensity by internal high-tech motor
In addition it provides Thermostatic 107.6℉ heating
Foldable & Portable, Light-weighted

3.iVOLCONN Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration

5 massage modes for relieving eye fatigue 
Heat compression to relieve sore eyes 
180 degree adjustable and lightweight 
 Included 4 preset massage modes: vitality, clear, sleep, relax
Stimulate Acupoints Around the Eyes
Hot Compression with Constant Temperature

5.Breo Eye Massager with Heat

Gentle massage stimulates the acupuncture points around the eyes to help increase blood circulation
180 degree foldable and customizable
 Constant warm temperature around 107.6°F

6. CINCOM Eye Massager with Heat

Eye massager with heat is designed with advanced infrared thermal technology
Multiple massage modes: automatic, clear, vital, dynamic, and sleep
USB chargeable, foldable and lightweight 

7.Deepth Eye Care Massager with Heat

3 massage functions including air pressure, vibration and thermotherapy
180° folding design, lightweight and easy to carry
Constant temperature 118 ℉ in less than 1 minute
Provides up to nine levels of vibration to massage the area around your eyes
Battery powered for maximum portability
Built in music player relaxes you even more

9.RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat & Bluetooth Music

It adopts kneading, trigger point and rhythmic percussion massaging
180° Adjustable & Portable Design
Comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit
Compression and vibration to massage your whole eyes and upper face
Moreover 5 different modes and easy to use this rechargeable design
Constant temperature up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit



Overall, using Naipo Electric Eye Massager offers good feelings. Its pressure airbags provide light pressing and releasing massage that may not be better than using one’s fingertips to massage your eyebrows, temples, and gentle massaging your eyeballs. Still, this eye massager is good to relax your tired eyes. The product doesn’t make use of rotating beads or things like that causing harm to the eyes. Instead, inflatable bags are provided that are the safest method to offer slight pressure with pressing and releasing movement but it lacks kneading and spinning that are more effective ways to relax eyes.

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