Coulax Massage Gun


Coulax Massage Gun

Ergonomically designed handle minimizes external vibrations, durable non-slip handle makes the massager easier. Anti-drop shells keep things well when dropped from a height of 2m. Efficiently designed to be compact, it’s easy to take with you anywhere.

Muscle massage gun with Unique Quiet Glide technology, high quality motor, brings more stable and comfortable experience, let you enjoy your massage time.

To meet every need of muscle relaxation, this percussion massage gun provides an adjustable frequency, one-click start, and 20 variably speeds.

By supplying a maximum frequency of 3200 beats per minute and an amplitude of 10-12mm, one can relieve muscle tension, recover from injury, reduce pain, and increase range of motion.

Users can relax different parts of their bodies with 6 massage heads in different shapes. A U-shaped head is for treating back and neck issues; a flat head is for treating all body regions; a round head is for large muscle groups; a ball head is for joints; a mushroom head is for sensitive muscle groups; a finger head is for small muscle groups. You can choose a massage head that will give you a more comprehensive massage experience based on the location of the massage.

coulax massage gun


This vibrating device makes it possible to achieve proper massage by scientifically subdividing 30 speeds. It provides users with a relaxing massage experience by providing 6 different massage heads to massage all parts of their bodies.


In addition to its high performance, COULAX Muscle Massage Gun has low noise technology. A noise reduction brushless motor (30*45dB) effectively reduces the noise during the running process, as quiet as a normal electric toothbrush. A deep tissue massager with high precision mode offers a close connection between head and body, which effectively reduces noise.


Muscle stiffness can be relieved with a massage gun. Muscle Gun – is a physical exercise device that can massage the muscles, reduce toxins from the body, improve muscle strength, and quickly relieve muscle fatigue.

【Long Battery Life and Safety】

Rechargeable lithium battery with 2400mAh capacity, massage gun can work for up to 8 hours. Charge your phone anywhere and at any time with the included USB cable. With a AI smart chip and a pressure feedback system, the muscle massage gun is safer to match the output of the motor with the pressure, coming with a built-in cooling system and a ventilation system to effectively disperse excess heat.


Silicone handles ensure a secure, comfortable fit and provide a non-slip grip. It has an anti-drop alloy shell that is durable and anti-corrosion. Comfortable ergonomically designed handle minimizes external vibration, professional massage, deeply relieve fatigue, relieve muscle soreness.

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