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What is a Massage Mat and How it Works? Find Out the Amazing Benefits

What is a massage mat and how it works?

Massage mat helps relieve tension and reduce stress from the entire body. These mats effectively work to provide relaxation to the body and mind. Some massage mats come with heat and vibration features that are extremely soothing. Acupressure mats are one of the types of  mats that are effective for easing stress and anxiety and probably benefit people suffering from neck pain and sciatica.

If you are looking for something that features rotating massage nodes, it is recommended to go for a shoulder and neck massager or a massage pad or chair. Massage mats provide quick relief from soreness and nagging pain that you want to treat soon before getting it worse. They work as a relaxation device when you need to get rid of tension and stress at the end of a hectic and tiring day.

What exactly is a massage mat?

These are pads or mats created with foam or some other similar material that offer a massage or relied when you lay on it. These mats help provide relaxation and ease back pain. There are many kinds of massage mats including the electric ones that come with a heating function. Others are simple mats with no heating feature. Some manufacturer companies call their tools a massage mattress but irrespective of what it is called, they serve the same purpose of providing relief from pain and stress in the body. massage mat

They can be used anywhere such as on the floor, couch, or bed. The best choice is the floor for many users but a  mat can be placed on any surface until it is flat and you can lay down on it comfortably. Many massage therapists use the mats with heat function on their tables so that their patients feel it relax and comforting.

How does massage mat work?

One of the most common types of these mats is the electric mat. This kind of mat works by applying vibration massage with the help of 9 to 12 massage motors that vibrate and rotate over the stiff and painful muscles to release stress and make you feel easy. Some  mats feature magnets and soothing heat to enhance the comforting effect.

Some other  mats come with nodes. They are provided with plastic nodes with several pressure points that relate to the acupoints in the human body. Other mats may come with rotating or moving nodes to loosen the tight knots in your neck, shoulders, and back as well as remove the tension in muscles.

Massage Mat Heat Feature

The heat feature in some  mats helps relieve the muscles effectively. Many tools only offer the choice to turn on and off the heat function but no choice to direct specific areas of the body. The technology and mechanisms incorporated in these mats are not as latest as those found in massage chairs. You should note that the limited heat feature makes these products affordable.

Vibration is another feature offered by many massage mats. As the massage mats have thin width, it is difficult to add shiatsu massage nodes across the whole length of the mat. Instead, the vibration massage technique is incorporated. Various vibration speeds are generally the option. Some massage mats come with shiatsu nodes within the pillow to provide relaxing massage to the neck and shoulders.

Types of massage mats-

There are many types of massage mats but here we will discuss the 3 popular kinds of massage mats:

Heated massage mats

Heat has always been a popular method to treat all kind of joint and muscle pain for years. A mat with heat can enhance blood flow, relax your muscles, recovers muscle flexibility, and lessen muscle stiffness.

Vibration massage mats

When an expert masseur massages using their fingertips or palm, it gives rise to a vibrating sensation. A massage mat with a vibration feature provides the same kind of massage involving shaking motions to ease the pain and stress.

Rolling massage mats

A rolling massage involves lifting and rolling the skin between fingers and thumb. Rolling mats replicate this movement using the massage nodes. It eases muscle tension by moving up and down your spine.

Benefits of a massage mat-

We know that a good massage session provides manifold benefits to the body and mind including pain relief, stress relief, and relaxation.massage mat with heat

Particularly, a massage mat offers the following advantages:

Massage Mat Enhance the blood circulation

The heat improves the blood flow that leads to relaxed muscles. Enhanced blood circulation also eases your sore muscles and heals microtears.

Helpful in decompressing after a long day

Having a 30 minutes massage session with the  mat after the tiring day helps you feel relax and fall asleep better. A relaxed body decreases the level of stress in the body helping your body recover rapidly and repair itself while sleeping.

Restore lymph flow

The pressure applied to the acupoints in the body not only improves blood circulation but also enhances lymph flow. Increased lymph flow and drainage cleanse the lymph fluid of the body and remove other impurities from the body. It will keep you energized and healthier.

Relieve sore muscles

The heat along with the vibration offers relief to the sore muscles and breaks the muscles knots in the thighs, hips, shoulders, and back. Massage session after a tiring day prevents the injuries and stress to get any worse.


In conclusion, massage mats work effectively to relieve the stress from the body and make you feel more rested after the massage session. These mats with vibration and heat functions are more relaxing and soothing. If your main purpose is to lower the tension, you should consider the acupressure mats. These mats are created for people suffering from sciatica and neck pain. So, you can invest in a good massage mat to ease your everyday muscle stress and body tension. It will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable at the end of the day.

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