Point relief mini-massager battery-powered for pain relief tension relief and massage therapy white -14-1050/


Point Relief Mini-Massager

The Point Relief Mini-Massager is a battery-powered dynamo that provides Pain Relief, Tension Relief, and Massage Therapy. Pain and tension are relieved effectively and conveniently with the Point Relief Mini-Massager. Despite its small size, the unit delivers a lot of massages. “Oomph” for a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Massages hands, neck, knees, or anywhere else in comfort with this relaxing vibration! It is simply a matter of turning on this device, placing it over the desired area, and letting the gentle vibrations work their magic. The Mini-Massager is also great for targeting specific areas, in addition to offering general pain relief and tension relief.

Scar tissue can be worked and eased with this device. Hypersensitivities that result from nerve damage or injuries to the hands can also be effectively treated with this method. You can choose from a variety of massages for your Point Relief Mini-Massager. Individuals can tailor their massage and relief options with the four provided massage heads (included).

Easily installed and removed, each massage head provides general relief to an entire area, while a thin, pointy head provides direct relief to a specific area that requires attention. Massage relief can be taken anywhere with this device since it is compact and convenient. Users can discreetly carry the Mini-Massager anywhere since it is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag.

The mini-massager is small and nearly silent, enabling users to get the pain relief they need without attracting unwanted attention. Other massagers are typically quite large and cumbersome, drawing lots of attention. Battery power is required for the Mini-Massager, and one C Battery is included. The massager is capable of running continuously for more than 30 minutes with one battery.


in conclusion, The Point Relief Mini-Massager is a battery-powered mini massager that is convenient and easy to carry. You can customize your massage with different settings including vibrating or point relief technology. It’s perfect for relieving tension in the neck area or targeting specific areas of pain like shoulders, hips, feet, or back. And it does all this without needing an outlet! This portable device gives effective relief from muscle aches at home on the go in just minutes per day—and you don’t have to worry about finding an electrical outlet either! Get yours today on amazon.com.

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