Snailax Massage Mat Review (391 S) Say Goodbye to Stress and Discomfort

Snailax Massage Mat Review -Say Goodbye to Stress and Discomfort 

The Snailax Brand manufacture and supply many kinds of pain-relieving and stress-relieving products and devices including all kinds of massagers such as full-body, hand-held, foot massagers, dual-head and many more. The mission of the Snailax brand is to decelerate your fast-paced hectic life to a snail-like slow pace. The massage mat by Snailax that we are going to review here is one of the most trending and well-known vibrating massage mats in the market today and receives consistently high user reviews on all platforms where it is sold.

What is Snailax Vibrating Heated Massage Mat for Beds & Couches – 391S?

The Snailax Vibrating Heated Massage Mat is a great choice for people looking for an affordable basic vibration massage mat. This massage mat provides a variety of heat pads and massage modes to help relieve tension and ease fatigue making your whole body feel relaxed. The Snailax Massage Mat can be used on the floor but it is more beneficial when used on a comfy sofa or bed. Moreover, this massage mat is foldable, so it is easy to store in small places, making it great for anyone having short space.  

Features of Snailax Vibrating Heated Massage Mat – 391S

Given below are the features of the Snailax massage mat:

Design and material

Snailax put lots of attention towards designing the massage mat considering the comfort of users. They use polyurethane memory foam to make padding that is very comfortable and soft. This high-density memory foam offers ultimate comfort and eases tension.

Vibration massage mat

This Snailax massage mat model 391S has 10 motors and 2 heating pads, 5 different massage programs, and 3 vibration intensities to select from. The massage mat is a vibration-only type massage mat with heating pads that covers the whole back and enhances blood circulation.

You can choose from any of the 5 massage programs and set the required intensity level from low, medium, or high to get the desired results. The 10 stimulating vibrating Massage motors offer relaxing massage to the entire body to ease tension, fatigue, stress, and pain.

Target 4 massage zones

With this Snailax Vibrating Heated Massage Mat, it is possible to work on any of the four major massage zones including the lower lumbar area, the legs, the shoulders, or the mid-back. It comes with 4 massage zones to provide fast muscle pain relief, tension relief, nerve pain relief, and stress relief. You can also have the choice to combine all four areas at a time to experience full body massage.


snailax massage mat

Two heating pads

Besides 5 massage modes, 4 different massage zones, 3 different vibration intensities, and 10 motors, the Snailax Vibrating Heated Massage Mat comes with 2 heating pads that you can use either independently or in combination with the massage feature. The Snailax massage mat can work as a heating pad only if you want only heating. You can also adjust the heat without turning the massage function. These heating pads are incorporated to offer soothing warmth to the entire back to further reduce tension, fatigue, and stress. You also don’t have to worry about overheating as there is an auto shut-off feature that turns off the device after 30 minutes making it suitable for falling asleep.

Auto shut-off feature

This massage mat by Snailax comes with an auto shut-off feature that helps prevent the unit from overheating while using. It turns off after 30 minutes This automatic shut-off function along with the overheat protection feature makes it safe to use while sleeping. It will let you have pain-free and relaxed sleep without the fear of overheating.

Foldable and easy to store

The Snailax massage mat with heat can be easily folded for transport and storage, making it appropriate for office use as well as travel. The folding feature makes it easy to use, easy to move, and easy to store.

Quiet operation

Another important thing about the Snailax massage mat is that it operates quietly and doesn’t interfere your calls or your favorite TV shows. This property adds to the relaxing experience with the massage mat. It also makes it suitable to place anywhere such as your living room where you can have a relaxing massage session while enjoying TV shows.

Versatile use

The Snailax vibrating massage mat with heat is foldable and flexible which makes it possible to use it anywhere you want. You can put it on the floor as a flat mat or use it on a recliner, couch, sofa, chair, or bed to have a more relaxing massage experience.



What is the measurement of this massage mat?snailax massage mat
The measurement is 69 X 24 inches.

Can you control the massage intensity and heat?
Yes, you can control the massage intensity and heat.
Also, you can use the pre-set modes or customize the
heat and massage intensity to your needs.

Is there an auto shut off timer?
This massager mat comes with an auto shut off timer
which lasts for 30 mins.

Can you disable the auto shut off timer?
No, you cannot because the auto shut off timer is a
safety feature.

What batteries I need for the remote?
You do not need any batteries for the remote as the
remote is attached with the mat.

Can you use this mat on a chair?
You can use it on a chair, recliner, couch etc. The mat is
flexible and foldable.

How to clean this massage mat?
You can clean it with a damp cloth.

Can you use this massage mat without heat?
Yes, you can use this massage without heat.

What is the warranty on this massage mat?
The warranty is 2 years.

Does it provide Shiatsu massage?
No, it only provides vibration massage with heat.

Pros and Cons:


  • It is a highly versatile product
  • The mat has a quiet motor and works quietly
  • Auto shut-off and overheat protection and safety features
  • Reliable heat option
  • Foldable and compact enough that you can pack it into a suitcase
  • It is a powerful vibrating massage mat
  • Very easy to control and use
  • It comes with 3 intensity settings, controllable heat settings, and 5 different programs
  • Flexible, foldable, and lightweight
  • It can be placed and used anywhere such as the chair, bed, sofa, and recliner, etc.
  • Perfect for falling asleep due to auto shut off and overheat protection features
  • Heat function can be used without having a massage
  • Snailax massage mat is one of the most reasonably priced massage mats in the market today


  • The heating pads are only targeted towards the upper and lower back
  • The massager has a short cord
  • Not very effective for the neck area



Comfier Full Body Massage Mat with Heatcomfier massage mat

Top features:

 Adjustable intensity – There are three intensity levels and five massage
modes on this massage pad.

 The Comfier full body massage mat is designed with 10 massage
motors for vibration massage and heat therapy to help improve sleep
and to relieve muscle pain. 

 There are two heating pads built into this massage mattress pad for
your full body. In addition, the soothing heat promotes blood
circulation and further relaxes sore muscles. A thermoelectric heating
pad with an automatic shutoff feature and overheat protection
ensures safe use.

 The massage chair pad can be customized and positioned in a variety
of ways to suit your needs, including shoulder, back, lumbar, legs, or a
combination of those areas. The fold-away massager is flexible &
portable, so you can use it on a bed, the floor, a sofa, a couch, a
recliner, or a chair on demand.

 Optics ultra-soft plush material – This mat offers an extremely
comfortable and soft touch that makes it a pleasure to use.

Mynt Electric Heating Pad Massage Mat

Top features:

 This massage mat is made of ultra-soft plush that offers a skin-friendly
touch. It is then filled with high resilience memory foam to provide
superior comfort and great pressure relief. In addition to being
comfortable, memory sponge pillows are stain-resistant and easy to
wipe clean. They are made of 100% polyester and high-quality gray
fabric that resist staining and is easy to clean.

 The mattress pad is customizable. It has 10 vibration motors, 5
massage modes, and 3 massage zones for the user’s preference. The
corded remote control makes operation easy. It is possible to
concentrate on three target zones: shoulders, lower back, and legs. 

 It features a low-voltage (12 V) heating pad, an overheating protection
system, and an automatic shutoff function to ensure safety. The
remote control comes with an attached bag for easy storage.

Belmint Back Stretching Electric Mat

Top Features:

 This stretching mat is for back pains of all kinds, whether they
are neck, back, shoulder, lower back, or sciatica. With just
this electric massage mat, you can achieve all of these, as
well as decompress and relax your muscles, improving your
overall quality of life and improving your ability to function in
the world.

 With four unique stretch and massage functions, this electric
mat automatically moves you through each of the 4 functions
in a manner designed to provide maximum relief. With the
mat, you can stretch, flow, energize, and twist while it does
all the work for you.

  Using the intuitive & user-friendly controller, our back
stretching electric mat can be easily controlled. You can
choose your preferred mode, and the intensity level can be
adjusted. Get rid of knots from the muscles in your back,
neck, and shoulders, relax your muscles, and alleviate the

  You can enjoy your stretches anywhere with the smart
design of the Belmint electric stretching mat. Foldable and
equipped with handy straps for carrying, your mat is easy to
store or transport anywhere you go.


The Snailax Massage Mat with a heat massage mattress is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress at home. The best thing regarding this vibrating massage mat by Snailax is that it relieves the pain using heat where the healing properties are limitless. Thus, by purchasing this Snailax Massage Mat, you are taking home an expert masseuse, without breaking your bank. The Snailax Massage Mat with heat is an ideal choice for people looking for a basic vibration massage mat at an affordable cost. Check out the latest prices on different Snailax massage mats at

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